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Since its foundation on 1976 Starline has been focus only on production of Ball Valves in Forged Materials. After more than 35 Years the imprinting philosophy is still present and the base for the Company growth and success.  Starting from the experience on the floating valves during the years, Starline has developed a wide and complete range of ball valves in different materials and executions introducing Trunnion Mounted design, Single and Double Block and Bleed, Metal to Metal, Cryogenic and High temperature design.

Starting with a Master distribution network in Europe consisting  of five Starline Companies and several Exclusive Distributors, the business then was expanded to all the World introducing new Distributors and Agents able to provide sales coverage and also stock availability and service and technical support worldwide to the growing customers.

The relocation (2012) into the New Factory Plant covering a total surface of 30.000sqm is still under further development and introduction of new generation ERP and WMS software for Production Management gave the supplementary input for the Company growth and capability to satisfy the most complex requirements of the market.

Today Starline with a production capacity of 250.000 valves/year, a complete size range and pressure ratings ½” to 16” – class 150- 2500lbs, API6A rate 3000-15000PSI in all the possible configurations and materials, is considered both by Customers and other Valve Manufacturers one of the Worldwide Market Leaders in Upstream Oil & Gas Applications which represent more than 70% of the final products destination.

The reason of this success and recognized role and position especially with regard to UPSTREAM which include the most severe and restrictive requirements on design, material and product characteristics must be found on the PRODUCT ORIGIN (FULLY MADE IN ITALY) by use of the most qualified suppliers of steel (forgings) and soft valve components, the control of the complete productive process with top local qualified suppliers for critical processes such as welding (weld overlays) and painting and fully internal management of design, assembly and testing process (100%). All under control and management of high skill staff present in all the divisions and also at service of the customers for the share of experience and know how (commercial dept – project managers – technical and design managers).

In addition the long list of references on the most relevant worldwide projects supported by company approval/qualification with all the major Oil & Gas and Engineering companies in the world, including special qualification tests and procedures such as 2-STAR TAMAP, TAT (SHELL) and TOTAL E&P approvals.

On the different section of our web page detailed information about our product range, our Certifications and Approvals, Quality and Technical Capabilities and Contacts of our Distribution Network are available.

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