Fully Made in Italy

Fully made in Italy

Starline only manufacture valves from FORGED or FORGED BAR materials.

All the raw materials are produced on Western European Countries. All the Forgings (Close and Open Dies) are produced in Italy by selected Suppliers working with Starline since more than 20 Years and some special materials are purchased in bar or forged bar condition. Bar and Forged bars are also purchased in Germany and Sweden (Duplex and Superduplex materials produced by Sandvik).
All the materials are purchased according to Starline Material Data Sheets which are including as a standard requirements of ASTM – NACE – PED.
Supplementary to the above most of the different steel grades are also purchased as standard in compliance with NORSOK, SHELL, TOTAL requirements.
Starline provide as a standard certification EN10204 type 3.1 for all the steel parts of the valve and when required EN10204 type 3.2 – Full traceability is guaranteed by hard stamping of Heat Code and Material grade on each piece and individual unique valve serialization
All Starline ball valves are Fully Manufactured in Italy.

Raw Material is checked for its compliance directly by Starline on its Headquarter in Costa di Mezzate which is the ONLY WORLDWIDE PRODUCTION PLANT and then Machined according to Starline Drawings. All the products are internally Designed and supported by Finite Elements Analysis validation. Research and Development Activities are also internally developed by the use of advanced testing equipment and instrumentation (Cryogenic Tests – High temperature test – Fugitive Emission – Firesafe – Cycling Test etc)
After machining all parts are re-checked by Internal Quality Control Division and NDE produced as per Internal Procedure or Customer requirments. All the core activities of Assembly and Testing are 100% produced by internal qualified operators.
Final Visual and Marking Control – together with Preparation for Shipment and Certification package are the last steps of a fully internally controlled production process.
All the above under the control and traceability of sophisticated ERP and WMS software based on bar code identification of the single components such as the complete valve.