trunnion_in_textStarline trunnion valves are based on 3 pieces bolted construction. They are available from DN15 to DN400. On all the sizes and the different designs the covered pressure rating is from class 150 to 2500 (PN16 to PN420) In parallel there is also a special line of valves API6A able to cover pressure ratings API3000 – 15000. Trunnion valves are available with screwed ends, welding ends and flanged ends according to DIN/EN/ASME standard. Special hubs are also possible and available on request.

The whole range is covered by API monogram API6D and API6A. Valve design is made according to ASME B16.34 and ASME VIII.

Side entry – antiblowout – antistatic – ISO5211 drilling for fast automation are standard features of each valve. Ball and stems are independent to reduce the side load effect generated by the pressure acting on the ball. All our trunnion valves are available in the three configurations: Single Piston Effect (SPE) – Double Piston Effect (DPE) or hybrid SPE X DPE.

A multiple and sophisticated sealing design guarantee to every valve external emission at rate B of ISO15848 on all the covered temperature and pressure range .

Seats are available in several thermoplastic materials (Reinf. PTFE – PEEK – NYLON – KEL’F) and in metal to metal configuration with Tungsten Carbide or Chrome Carbide HVOF coating on ball/seats metallic surface.


trunnion_in_text_3For special high temperature application exist a dedicated HT design which do not use any soft seal (all graphite and armed graphite) which allows use up to 600 or more °C. Special solution with lip seals and/or graphite seals similar to the HT are available to cover also the low temperature down to -196°C (trunnion valve cryogenic which is also bi-directional).

Valves are available in every possible material, from the conventional carbon steel (standardized to be low temp LF2 as a minimum) and stainless steel (316/316L) to the special alloys and exotic materials. Starline daily produce valves in F51,F53,F55,F44, I625, I825, Hastelloy C276, titanium materials which are also stocked in the most common executions. All the steel parts of the valve are FORGED and marked with material grade and heat number for traceability. As a standard materials comply with ASTM – NACE – NORSOK.

For more detailed information refer to Starline Catalogue Trunnion and its VDS