Project division

Starline project division consist of a dedicated structure with specific functions and high skill qualified staff trained on the most used existing valve specification and requirements such as SHELL MESC, TOTAL GS EP PVV142, NORSOK etc. and with technical capability to analyse every customer norm or technical requirement. The project division include special figures such as metallurgic engineer, design engineer, quality manager and every project is assigned to a project manager for the coordination and follow up during all the phases – from the order registration till delivery of the final books. the project manager will be responsible of every communication with the customer and coordination of the internal starline project structure involved on every phase and aspect of the assigned project.

The internal activity is controlled by sophisticated ERP and WMS software which allows individual identification and also segregation of every component of a project, providing to project manager information (in real time) of the status of every part or production phase of the valves.
The project division supported by quality manager issue for every project ITP, QIP and dedicated procedures specifically fit to project specification requirements.

All the project documents are stored and secured in dedicated and organized sections of the IT infrastructure protected by every possible external access or trial of contamination and subject to daily security back-up.
Storage of every information about the project and produced products including all the sections of the final books will remain available during all the valve life time.